Structured Episode of Care registration in primary care

This website provides epidemiologic data on all diseases and conditions that come to the attention of general practice.

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What this website offers

A large set of epidemiologic data from the FaMe-Net database, freely accessible.
Textbook chapters presenting a disease or clinical syndrome containing epidemiologic data.
Lists of publications made with FaMe-Net data.
More information about FaMe-Net
Textbook chapters

Medical textbook-style chapters of a selection of topics containing epidemiologic data and its

Explore morbidity data

Start finding your own epidemiologic data

Top Lists

The most common diagnoses, RFEs and interventions in the general practice

Incidence of diseases

Look up the condition of your choice

Relation between RFE and Episode

Find common outcomes of patients presenting their symptoms / complaints

Episode of Care registration

Episode of Care registration

How Episodes are defined and registered: watch our video with English or Dutch explanation

The ‘Reason For Encounter’ (RFE) explained

The patient’s statement on why to visit the GP

History of FaMe-Net

Evolution of the world’s oldest PBRN

Practices of FaMe-Net

These practices participate in the network

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Episode of Care registration explained

Learn how doctor-patient consultation in the office results in the registration of data in an Episode of Care in just four infographics.